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Visit Us in North Bay for Specialized Dental Treatments

When you step into Lakeshore Dental Care, you will experience a sense of confidence and assurance that you are in the right place for your dental appointment. In addition to regular dental sessions, we also offer specialized dental treatments. Visit us in North Bay for healthy and gums and teeth that can lead to years of good oral health. Our dental treatments include:

Wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom teeth are known to erupt between the ages of 16 and 25. You may need wisdom teeth removal if they damage adjacent healthy teeth or emerge at an awkward angle. Should you experience intense pain, we recommend extracting your wisdom tooth.

Root Canal Treatment

If you are suffering from severe toothache and are finding it hard to chew, visit our dentist for a detailed examination. We will suggest a root canal treatment if we find that the nerve of a tooth is infected or decayed. Our primary aim is to save the tooth. To enable this, we will remove the bacteria and decay, and fill the space with dental materials that will restore the tooth to its function.

Periodontal treatment (gum surgery)

Do you experience pain in your gums while you chew or brush your teeth? It is probably time you visited us for periodontal treatment. We will work towards reducing the pain and inflammation if any and prevent further bone loss. We will also remove the bacteria and advise on dental care that needs to be adhered to at home.

Oral and maxillofacial surgery

This surgical speciality is a bridge between dentistry and medicine where we provide diagnosis and treat diseases affecting your jaws, mouth, face, and neck. We can assist with bone grafting, TMJ surgery, and more.


For additional information on our specialized services, contact us.

Providing the Care You Need

Maintaining great oral health is the first step towards maintaining overall health. Visit our clinic for specialized dental treatments.

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