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Proudly Going Above & Beyond
for Our Community

An Established Dental Clinic in North Bay

Dr. Danyka Paulin, Dr. Asma Hasan Rizvi, and the team at Lakeshore Dental Care are committed to providing patients with optimum care and comfort, while educating and informing them of all treatment options in a safe, compassionate and professional environment.

Lakeshore Dental Care in North Bay is a dental clinic that is ideal for adults, children, seniors and families. New patients are always welcome. Maintaining your oral health is a great investment and is a vital part in your overall health. It is important to visit your dentist for preventive care, to help identify any dental concerns and treat them before they progress. Our dental services are designed to keep your teeth healthy, whatever your overall dental goals may be. From family dentistry to cosmetic dentistry, we provide a range of services under one roof. You can rest assured that you will receive professional service on time, every time.

Professional Affiliations

ontario dental
Canadian Dental Association
College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario

Time for Your Dental Check-up?

We conduct oral examinations and more at our clinic.

Missing a Tooth?

Restorative dentistry is just what you need.


Bleeding Gums?

We provide specialized dental treatments.

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